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The spanking you've been waiting for

I hope that you have found your way to this page from one of my stories. I hope that you were filled with longing and desire when you read my description of a woman getting a spanking. I hope that you thought that you would like the man who wrote those words to spank you like the girl in the story.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area (or travel here often) I would love to give you a spanking, so please send me an email ( I promise to write back. You have only your panties to lose.

Spanking is an intimate activity. I would like to find someone who will become an intimate friend that I can connect with, not only through spanking, but intellectually as well. I am happily married, so I cannot offer more than an intimate friendship. I am looking for a spanking friend with my wife's knowledge and approval.

I am looking for a woman with a spanking obsession. A woman who looked spanking up in the dictionary when she was a girl. Who has always gotten a little frisson from the word spanking. A woman whose pussy gets wet reading spanking erotica and looking at spanking pictures. I would like to give such a woman the kind of spanking she has been fantasizing about. I have years of experience giving spankings. I love sensual, sexual spanking, but I will always respect your limits, both when it comes to sexuality and the amount of pain you like.

As I write this, I'm around the half century mark in age. I have been told that I'm good looking and resemble William Hurt. I still have a head of collar length dark blond hair, but it's thinning a bit. I have blue eyes, I am 6'1" tall and I weigh about 215 lbs. Like a lot of us in middle age, I fight my waistline. I would probably benefit from losing ten pounds. I have large hands, which are made for spanking your bottom.

What I am looking for the most in a woman spanking friend is her mind. A woman who loves spanking and likes to laugh. I'm pretty flexible in other respects. My only rule when it comes to weight is that you can't outweigh me. It would be perfect to find someone who was also in a relationship, but is looking for someone they can explore spanking with. I am also only interested in playing with someone who was born a woman. When it comes to age, I'd prefer someone over 30 and under 60, but I'm flexible on age too. Finally, I don't have friends who are Republicans. Recovered or recovering Republicans, perhaps, but if you're still a Republican after all these years of G.W. Bush, you don't deserve to be spanked.

Meeting someone that you know only through email can be scary. I am a reliable, honorable person and I am very safe. If we get to the point where we might meet and it would make you more comfortable my wife would be happy to meet you for coffee or talk to you on the phone.

You know you've been a naughty girl. You know that you need a spanking. It's time that you had your panties pulled down and you got the spanking that you've had coming. Send me email, young lady. I promise to write back.


Spanking is an intimate activity. Getting a spanking means baring your bottom (because spankings are given on the bare bottom, young lady). Spanking involves pain, which means that you should be able to trust me. For many people a spanking is more than getting your bottom whacked. There are all the little rituals, phrases and role play that go along with getting a spanking (you naughty girl). These are the things that make a spanking really hot. Between sets of smacks there are caresses that feel as good as that mean paddle hurts.

When I give a spanking, I am baring myself too. If I spank you, I want to be able to connect with you. To feel what you feel. I want to be able to say the little things that make the spanking hot for you. I want to feel affection for you.

Before I will agree to a spanking date, I want to have coffee or lunch with you first. To see if we have some chemistry. To see if we can connect in an affectionate way. This gives you an opportunity to meet me in a public place to see what sort of person I am. You get the chance to see if the idea of getting a spanking from me feels right. If it doesn't, you then have the opportunity to say "this doesn't work for me". Meeting first makes sure that we're both safe.

Meeting you for coffee or lunch doesn't mean that I want to be your boyfriend. I am happily married. Nor does having lunch with you mean that I'm going to place any demands on you. I would just like to be your friend. Do you really want someone who is not a friend paddling your bare bottom?

I mention all this because I have exchanged email with two Bay Area women who stopped emailing me when I wrote that I wanted to meet for coffee or lunch before committing to a spanking date. Perhaps they thought that I was offering something like a Craig's List hookup. I don't think that this works for spanking. I would like to learn what your fantasies are. What you think about when you think about spanking. Then there is a better chance that I will be able to give you the spanking that you've been fantasizing about. The sort of spanking that prompted you to send me email in the first place.

July 2007
Updated: October 2007

Case Wintermute